Meet Featured After 35 Mom Marie Loper Maxwell!

After 35 Mom, Marie Loper Maxwell, delivered baby boy, Grant, at age 40. After years of infertility and multiple miscarriages, they were blessed with 4 beautiful baby boys when she was 34 yo, 36 yo, 38 yo, and then a surprise boy at 40 yo! Marie will never understand or forget the awful pain and devastation of infertility and loss of a baby. She holds firm to her belief in God’s goodness and plan for her family. Attached is a pick of her children. Her two beautiful girls, Abby and Amanda, didn’t grow in her belly…they grew in her heart. Her 4 boys, Jack, Carter, Harrison and Grant, complete this family picture! It was taken 7/02/15, they day after their beautiful surprise baby boy, Grant, was born. Thanks, Marie, for sharing with us! Your have an incredible family! For more information on recurrent miscarriage click here or here.