Meet Featured After 35 Mom Michelle Stewart!

After 35 Mom, Michelle Stewart, delivered twin boys, Joey and David, on 5/15/15 at age 37. She carried the twins to 38 weeks before being induced. She delivered them naturally! Joey and David weighed 6lb 15oz and 7lb 3oz respectively. Their 2 yr old sister couldn’t be more in love with them!

Michelle gave birth to her daughter at age 35. She was conceived through IVF after she and her husband tried for a few years to get pregnant without success. That pregnancy was awesome; no complaints and no complications. The twin pregnancy was harder on her body; she had anemia and a lot of pelvic girdle pain.

Baby A (Joseph, aka Joey) delivered quickly and easily. Baby B (David) was bigger and was breech. After trying to externally manipulate him so he would come head-first, the doctor had to internally manipulate him, pulling down one arm at a time since he had decided to raise his arms above his head as if to say, “Touchdown!” Haha!! David was born 10 minutes after his brother and had a heartbeat, but was not breathing. They called a Code White, and he finally started breathing on his own. It was only 2 minutes, but it felt like forever and a day. David also had a large knot in his umbilical cord which likely formed early in pregnancy when the boys had room to twist and turn. The doctor said, “Your son was born under a star.”

The boys are 10 weeks now. Joey has a VSD that will likely close up on its own, and David is a little linebacker; he doesn’t stop eating!

Congrats, Michelle, on your latest addition to the family!! What a great story!

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