Meet Featured After 35 Mom Dara Coleman!

Featured After 35 Mom, Dara Coleman, delivered baby boy, Easton, at age 36.

In 2010, Dara was 34 years old and told her husband she wanted one more child.  After much discussion, he said he was done having children; he was in his late 40s at the time. Respecting his wishes, Dara switched to a more reliable form of birth control by choosing to have an IUD placed. She even went for the follow-up ultrasound to make sure it was placed properly. Everything seemed fine.

In 2011, Dara and her husband decided to build a custom home. They moved to a smaller rental home with their two children, who were two and three at the time, during the process that seemed to drag on and on! During that time, Dara started feeling odd. She went to her doctor and they figured it was the stress of building a new home, being cramped in a small rental home, and the kids being unruely with the change. However, then then the sleep started to kick in, along with the electrical currents that seems to run thorough her body as happened with her other two pregnancies. She sat down and though to herself, “There is absolutely no way!!” Sure enough, the morning sickness and the cravings started as well,  way earlier than with her previous pregnancies.

By the time she goes back to the doctor, Dara is 35 years old. The doctor was FLABERGASTED! He couldn’t believe the IUD failed! Because the IUD was in place and Dara was pregnant at age 35, a specialist was consulted. They were counseled regarding the risks of the IUD being n place and he risks associated with her age. They did begin to worry and were a bit distraught. Was the baby going to be ok? They knew both of their ages were a factor and they worried about it would be like going through a pregnancy later in life.

The decision was made to take the IUD out. During her exams, the doctor found that  it had migrated from its original placement. He did try to remove it, but it became embedded in her cervix and the string snapped off! So it seemed it would remain in place the entire pregnancy. Dara was followed by her doctor and a specialist the entire pregnancy. She had many ER visits with bleeding and cramping. Finally, during an exam near the end of her pregnancy, her doctor popped up from behind the sheet and said, “I SEE IT! Im taking it!” So maybe a week or two before the birth of her son, the IUD finally came out!.

Dara had the easiest labor, despite the dramatic pregnancy with anxiety about the IUD potentially affecting the pregnancy. However, Easton was a perfect 9lbs 9 oz. healthy, full term bouncing baby boy!

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