Meet Featured After 35 Mom Lorie Newman!

eatured After 35 Mom, Lorie Newman, had her youngest child, baby girl Adelynn Hope, two weeks before her 43rd birthday on April 27, 2014. This was also her husband’s 45th birthday! Adelynn was delivered by c-section at 39 weeks. Other than her baby girl being a teeny little princess at 5 lbs 13 oz and a 2 week bout of high blood pressure after delivery, all went well. Adelynn is now one year old and the “cherry on top” of their beautiful family. After all, there are eighteen hands to hold, love, and spoil her!! Lorie and her husband have been married 24 years and have eight children–six biological and 2 adopted. Her adopted children are from Haiti and Liberia. Their oldest, Ian, is 22 and was born when Lorie was 21 years old. Then came twins, Marc and Alyse, when she was 25; they are now 18 and headed to college. Next came Jacob when Lorie was 27; he is 16 and just started driving. Lorie and her husband then adopted Grace from Haiti at age 3; she is now age 14. They decided to adopt again when Lorie was 32. Daniel arrived form Liberia when he was 2 years old; he’s now 12. After seven years of no birth control and “unexplained infertility”, they just assumed that God was finished with adding to their family. Then out of the blue, Lorie was pregnant at age 38! Lillian Abigail was their 7th child who was born after 7 years of infertility. Lillian was born in December 2010 when Lorie was age 39 and was perfectly healthy. But the story doesn’t end there! Once again she found out she was pregnant 3 years after Lillian was born! This time she was 42 years old and had concerns, but her doctor assured her that she was a healthy woman and should have no problems. He said that other than the known potential of chromosomal issues, there is no reason that women into their forties shouldn’t have babies 🙂 Of note, Lorie had endometriosis. After surgery in 2005 for her endometriosis, her doctor could not believe she had been able to conceive children. He said the places where the endometriosis was concentrated were the places that normally cause infertility. However, by then she had already had four biological children and to have 2 more after age 35 with her history of endometriosis…what a miracle 🙂 Lorie had a pretty easy pregnancy. She did experience a lot of heaviness in her legs that often comes from having lots of babies. When Lorie went into labor with Adelynn, they arrived at the hospital at 10pm on a Saturday night. However, her c-section wasn’t scheduled until Monday! Knowing that in two more hours it would be her husband’s birthday, she asked the nurse to “take it slow” getting her ready so Adelynn would be born on her daddy’s birthday! The nurse smiled and began to slow down and take her time. Adelynn was born at 12:20am on April 27, 2014-her daddy’s 45th birthday! Lorie had a c-section (her first one) because of a history of endometriosis and complications she experienced after Lillian’s birth. She did have a bout with high blood pressure after delivering Adelynn, but she also experienced high blood pressure after delivering the twins and Lillian. Her blood pressure was controlled with medicine until it finally became normal about 2 weeks postpartum. Lorie says her life is a little crazy sometimes, but she wouldn’t trade places with anyone for all the money in the world 🙂 Thanks, Lorie, for sharing your story and congrats on your big, wonderful, beautiful family! For more information on unexplained infertility click here! For more information on endometriosis and infertility click here or here!