Meet Featured After 35 Mom Rebecca Lynn Spencer!

After 35 Mom, Rebecca Lynn Spencer, delivered baby boy, Chaplin Salinger Spencer, at age at age 39! He was 6 pounds, 15.3 oz and was born on July 13, 2015 at 9:55pm. The proud papa at age 59 is Mark Spencer!

Rebecca had two sons in her twenties and insisted that Mark have a  vasectomy after the youngest was born. Of course, years later she knew she wanted another child. They looked into vasectomy reversal,  but the cost was approximately $10,000 to reverse a procedure that only cost then $600 to have done. Years passed, but the desire to have another sweet child didn’t.

Eleven years later, Rebecca got the itch to check into vasectomy reversal again and found a doctor that did the procedure for a fraction of the cost and with great success rates. At that time, she was 37 years old. Mark had a vasectomy reversal on May 3, 2013. One day in August Rebecca had a strong desire to eat brownies and a pickle. While she was eating, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she shouldn’t want to eat these two things at the same time. So she decided to take a pregnancy test. It was positive! Little Gatsby was born on April 16, 2014. Their older sons were 16 and 11 (almost 12) when Gatsby was born and Rebecca was 38.

After having Gatsby, Rebecca and Mark decided they didn’t want him to grow up alone and since his older brothers would be out if the nest by the time he started to form his life-long memories, they decided to try for one more. In October 2014, she had that feeling again and took a pregnancy test. It was positive–again!!  Their fourth son, Chaplin  was born via VBAC with no complications.

Rebecca wanted to share her story to show others that it can happen. They didn’t use fertility drugs. They timed ovulation cycles and read as much information as they could. They disregarded information that wasn’t reliable and kept themselves ever hopeful.

What an inspiring story, Rebecca! Thank you for sharing.

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