Meet Featured After 35 Mom Kathy Rangel!

After 35 Mom Kathy Rangel shares her story with Babies After 35!

“I was 40 when I delivered my son, Lyric Jay. When I was pregnant I was told numerous heart wrenching things. I was first told I was having a girl, and she had a hole in her heart. Two weeks later I went to a specialist and was told that I am having a boy and the whole closed up! Thank goodness…

Then we got our test back and of course it came back high-risk for DS. We went to a genetic doctor and had DNA testing done, but no one could tell us if our son would be born with DS until he arrived! So we decided it didn’t matter to us–we were going to love our son regardless.

I went to the doctor weekly, and at 36 weeks, while on the monitor, the baby’s heart rate went from 150 to 40 and stayed at 40 for almost a minute. I went for an ultrasound and was told there was a nuchal cord, but the doctor wanted to wait a few more weeks before she would induce me. Those last few weeks I was scared to death that I would lose my son!

Finally, on January 22 2016, my son arrived. He weighed 6 lbs 13 ounces. He is on the smaller side now, and we have had many issues with him keeping formula down, but he is now 4 and a half months and is doing much better !!
Congrats, Kathy! Keep us posted on how Lyric is doing!