Meet Featured After 35 Mom Amiee Cantrell-Webb!

After 35 Mom Amiee Cantrell-Webb discovered she was pregnant at age 38. Because of a previous miscarriage, she was very nervous and anxiously counted down to the 13 week “safe” mark. When she reached it, she was still hesitant to relax because she had spotting the entire first trimester. Unfortunately, at her 16 week check-up, an ultrasound revealed low amniotic fluid. Amiee was told not to stress, rest, and drink plenty of fluids and follow-up in a week. Before the week ended, however, she was in the ER with more than normal bleeding and received a serious warning that the amniotic fluid was “dangerously low”; below 5 cm is critical and Amiee had 3cm of amniotic fluid.

Amiee was then transferred to a high-risk pregnancy doctor 2 hours away who admitted her to the hospital and performed an amnioinfusion (an amniocentesis where fluid is put into the uterine cavity to help the baby get more fluid for lung development). It seemed to help and at 18 weeks the amniotic fluid was at 6cm. They decided to do one more procedure at 20 weeks of pregnancy. Unfortunately, it did not work the second time, and she had preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM). This was a terrifying time as Amiee had made it halfway through the pregnancy, but the baby still needed many more vital weeks. She continued on bed rest, drank tons of fuids, and was followed with weekly amniotic fluid measurements.
Each week felt like a month, but each week she maintained between 4-6cm of amniotic fluid. Amiee was hopeful that the rupture was small and her little man could hang in there. This steady “minimal” measure of amniotic fluid persisted for 2 months giving her son the much needed time to progress. Unfortunately, at 32 weeks, her amniotic bag completely ruptured. The high-risk doctor admitted her and watched her closely. He said that as long as she didn’t have labor signs, he was going to get her to 34 weeks of pregnancy! Amiee was skeptical and scared, but she had total faith in his judgement.

At 34 weeks of pregnancy, Amiee was induced and gave birth to a screaming, beautiful 5 pound baby boy named Abram Ericson Webb. Everyone was amazed that she had carried him for 34 weeks on so little fluid. They were even more amazed that Abe stayed only 5 precautionary nights in the NICU. He needed no help breathing and was simply incredible and resilient throughout the pregnancy and birth. Abe is now 2 years old and has had no preemie delays or issues.

What an inspiring story, Amiee! Thanks for sharing with us! I am from KY and am a UK Wildcat fan, too! Go Cats!!

Photography by John Michael, Paintsville, KY.

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