Meet Featured After 35 Mom Kristi Catlin!

After 35 Mom Kristi Catlin met her husband when she was 24 and they married at age 26. They decided they wanted a family and became pregnant about a year after. At her first doctor’s appointment, they noticed her neck was swollen. Her thyroid was tested and she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism (Graves’ Disease).

Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. Kristi was then treated with two rounds of radioactive iodine and was on birth control for two years after. After being cleared to start trying to conceive, she immediately became pregnant, but miscarried again. These early miscarriages happened up to 2 times a year, so they decided to go to the reproductive endocrinologist for more testing. He reported that he could not find anything wrong and the next step was to have genetic testing. They decided to wait for a while and took a trip to Las Vegas. Fortunately for them what happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas because after 12 years of trying to conceive, they got pregnant!

Kristi was scared throughout the whole pregnancy and had to be hospitalized 6 times for preterm labor contractions. She was 38 years old and at 38 weeks when her perfect Olivia Grace was born. They were over the moon in love with her. Olivia was just a year old when Kristi went in for her yearly physical. The doctor came in laughing and told her she was pregnant again! She didn’t know weather to laugh or cry. She was 40 years old and just went through a tough pregnancy.

Fortunately, her second pregnancy went much more smoothly and her second beautiful baby was born a little early at 36 1/2 weeks. Addison Kathleen was perfect in every way. Both of her babies weighed 6lbs 4 Oz and were 19 inches long. Kristi feels that miracles do happen, and if you are lucky, they will happen twice!

Thanks for sharing your story, Kristi! You are an inspiration!

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