Meet Featured After 35 Mom Liz Kennedy!

Liz has a 20 year old son, Alex, from a previous marriage. When he went away to college in 2012, she and her husband, Gil, realized they were too young to be “empty nesters” and decided to try for another child. Fortunately, they conceived just a few short months later and their daughter Charlotte Mimi was born in January 2014, when Liz was 37 years old.

Although Liz has a mixed connective tissue disorder that is similar to rheumatoid arthritis, she was able to continue her exercise routine of running, kickboxing and weightlifting until 36 weeks of pregnancy. During her pregnancy the pain and joint inflammation was significantly reduced and she felt the best she’s felt in long time!

Featured here is a maternity photoshoot by Liz’s sister, professional photographer, Arlene Ibarra, San Diego, CA. or

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