Meet Featured After 35 Mom Mindy Richardson!

After 35 Mom Mindy Richardson found out she was pregnant last October at age 40. Her older daughter was 18 and younger daughter 14. Because she hadn’t been able to conceive in all those years, it was very much a surprise when a pregnancy test came up positive!

Everything seemed normal with the pregnancy. All her blood work came back normal and all screening tests were negative. On March 12th (her 41st birthday) they went for the comprehensive ultrasound to check their son for any problems and chromosomal abnormalities. There were no abnormalities, except he was small. The doctor said he was measuring 2-3 weeks behind where he should be. They started weekly visits to the doctor for biophysical profile (BPP) ultrasounds. Everything looked good at all the visits and he stayed consistent with his weight gain. It looked like he would make it to full term.

At 34 weeks (May 5th, 2015), Mindy was driving to her doctor’s appt. A drunk driver turned right in front of her. She never even had time to hit the brakes. She t-boned his vehicle with her cruise control set at 65 mph. She hit him, almost splitting his vehicle in half, went airborne over it, hit the road again and slid until she hit a culvert and flipped her jeep. Unfortunately, two of the four people in his vehicle did not survive and a 3rd was seriously injured.

Mindy was wearing her seatbelt and the airbags deployed. She was lifeflighted to Houston in serious condition. She had a cracked sternum and 3 broken ribs. She also had seatbelt bruises across her belly, chest, and shoulders. Although contractions started, Mindy did not deliver early and the baby remained stable. The contractions stopped overnight and they were released 2 days later.

Mindy went back to her doctor the next week to check everything. They decided since she had the wreck, broken bones, and he was measuring small, she would do undergo a cesarean section at 38 weeks.

At 11:35 a.m. on June 3, 2015, Mindy’s miracle baby was born! Cael Wesley weighed 5 lbs 7 ozs and was 17.5 inches long. He will always have an amazing story to tell!

Thank you, Mindy, for sharing your story. What a blessing that you both survived and are happy and healthy!

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