Meet Featured After 35 Mom Tiffany Nino Powell!

After 35 Mom Tiffany Nino Powell had a beautiful baby girl on August 5th, 2015 at age 39. At 32 weeks of pregnancy, she was in a very bad car accident and was worried that her baby would not be born healthy. However, she is beautiful, incredibly strong and healthy. Tiffany feels so lucky to be her mommy. Tiffany gave birth to her first daughter 8 years ago. She knew then that she wanted to have another child. Unfortunately, she was divorced when her oldest daughter was 2 years old. She felt broken and extremely depressed knowing that her chances of having another child may be affected. One day her best friend and high school sweetheart ask her out on a date. She was shocked! He had been such a great friend during such a difficult time. Tiffany never thought this could ever happen. Even though she had been in love with him since she was 14 years old, she just never imagined a world where they would actually reconnect in a romantic way. After two years of dating (again), they tied the knot. He was the perfect mate for her and the best stepfather she could ever have asked for her daughter. He had been married previously for eight years, but never had any children of his own. They talked about having children, but were concerned that they were getting too old. After trying for two years, Tiffany decided that they needed to stop trying. Of course, two months later she was pregnant! It was the greatest time of her life. She was giving her amazing daughter the sibling she had always wanted, her husband the child he never had, and fulfilling the missing piece in her life. She knew her husband and his family desperately wanted a boy, especially since he was the last in line for his family name. She will never forget getting the phone call telling them the sex of the baby. Her husband immediately met her at her daughter’s school where she was volunteering. She went out to his truck and played the message where the nurse lovingly told us that they would have to get used to the name “Samantha” as they were going to have a girl. Tiffany remembers looking at the phone hoping her husband wouldn’t be too disappointed. She looked up at him and he had tears coming down his cheeks. It was such a beautiful moment. At 32 weeks of pregnancy, Tiffany was on her way to a doctor’s appointment when she was run into a barricade on a major freeway by another vehicle. She was told not to go to the emergency room, but to labor and delivery instead since she was so far along. Tiffany was in tears. She was examined and kept for several hours and was finally told everything looked okay. Tiffany was scheduled for a C-section on August 7th, 2015. However, her daughter had other plans. On August 5th, she gave birth to the second most beautiful girl in the world! She couldn’t be happier. Her daughter is HEALTHY and without ANY complications from the accident or any issues that may have come about due to her age. Tiffany is grateful every single day for her girls and hubby. Congrats, Tiffany!